Why is the squid of Genkai so delicious? -Welcome to Genkai, the birthplace of the Yobuko squid Ikidzukuri dish.

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GENKAI live fish Co., Ltd.

■Sales of fish and seashells
■Wholesale of fish and seashells (shipped in a special truck)
■Purchase of fish and seashells
Attention: fish delivery not available on January 1st & 2nd

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Genkai dishes

Squid dishes

You can enjoy the crunchy texture and sweetness of raw squid and hot tempura of its legs and other parts as after-cooking.

Mackerel or horse-mackerel dishes

Saba (mackerels) and aji (horse-mackerels) are served in tataki (broiled) or otsukuri (=sashimi) dish. They are natural not cultured, so delicious!

Seasonal dishes

Please enjoy the seasonality through our dishes.

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